«Tal Wu’ja Tib’an Nxumilala» (My Little Book of the Body in Mayan Mam language) is the title of a text addressed to children so they know how to prevent sexual abuse and how to act if it happens.

It was presented at the National Library of Guatemala on October 10 (4 Kawoq according to the Mayan Calendar) by Asociacion Pop No’j, in an event that was attended by representatives of different state entities such as the Secretary of Social Welfare, the director of Casa Nuestras Raíces, the Academy of Mayan Languages ​​of Guatemala, the Attorney General of the Nation, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Education, non-governmental organizations such as Go Joven, National Board of Integral Education in Sexuality – MENEIS – , CRISTOSAL Guatemala, CIPREVISA, MOLOJ, Plataforma Urbana, Otra Guatemala Ya, Saplings for Dignity, also from OACNUDH and UNFPA, as well as other interested persons. Also, the event was transmitted online and covered by various social media such as TV Maya, Diario de Centroamérica.

Next Tuesday, October 17 (11 Kame), at 09:00 hours, this text will be presented in the department of Huehuetenango.

Child sexual abuse is a behavior that utilizes children to obtain sexual satisfaction. It is not only rape, but it includes unsafe touchings, verbal aggressions and other forms of use of the children. This occurs in unequal relationships of domination, in which power is used by the abuser. Likewise, it was pointed out that not only girls are abused, but also boys. There is little awareness about this problem, but the traumatic effects it causes in childhood last for a lifetime, so it is very important that children learn to love themselves and know how to avoid situations of abuse. The book is a didactic material developed ARPAN, an NGO from India, which was adapted and translated to Spanish and Maya Mam language for its use in Guatemala, by Pop No’j. So far, 20 teachers from 3 municipalities of Huehuetenango have been trained so that they can use this book with their students and they already incorporated it into their classes.  Pop No’j will continue to promote similar trainings, but it is expected that the Ministry of Education will assume the responsibility of teaching children to take care and protect themselves, as José Roberto Luna, text commentator, of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities pointed out.  This work is possible with the support of Arpan from India /http://www.arpan.org.in/), the Global Fund for Children – GFC -, KIND, OAK Foundation, FCAM and Novo Foundation, as well as other people who collaborated in different ways to make this book possible, to whom Pop No’j expressed its deep gratitude. The text can be downloaded from the link:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WdjuK41n99LfMVSPvAIeF6ZuwkF_4HMi/view

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